Cluster Tweaks For The Rest of Us

Cluster Tweaks For The Rest of Us

I’m a big believer in wiki’s because I don’t like repeating myself. Instead of telling someone about Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) packages for clusters, I would rather send them a web page link.

Another reason I like dumping notes and information into a wiki is because I often run across something interesting and want to keep track of it. Rather than add another “bookmark” to my web browser, I make an entry in a wiki. Thus, when I try and recall some file system benchmark I read about last year, I have a link and some notes ready to go.

Years ago, I helped start a community wiki which is now called Cluster Tweaks (The history of the Cluster Tweaks wiki and be found in the wiki!) Though far from being complete, there is a kernel of good information on HPC and clusters. For instance, suppose you are looking for Open and Freely Available Cluster Applications. Or want to find some Cluster Benchmarking Packages. It is all right there.

Of course, Wiki’s really flourish when a community of users contribute. That is where you come in. If you register, you can contribute to the Cluster Tweaks Wiki! (Note: To prevent spammers, the registration process requires some extra input/effort on your part, and we may ask you a few questions, but don’t worry, once we are sure you are an HPC geek, or want to be geek, and human, you can contribute.). So why wait join one of the coolest wiki’s around.

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